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BAFFLE :1W-3136

Description: Cat baffles are designed for use with the flywheel housing to improve lubricant retention and with the rear crankshaft seal to help prevent transmission fluid from being transferred to the engine oil. Attributes: • Material: Steel • Inside diameter: 199.27 mm (7.84 in) • Outside diameter: 240 mm (9.44 in) • Material Thickness: 1.2 mm (0.047 in) • Overall Height: 17 mm (0.66 in)


Contamination is your engine’s number one enemy, which is why it’s critical to protect your Cat equipment with genuine Cat Filter Elements. Cat Standard Efficiency Primary Engine Air Filters are your best value for normal duty applications, delivering increased engine protection and preventing equipment downtime. Offering a long service life and exceptional filtration, Cat Air Filters are also environmentally friendly and cost effective. Designed to the exact specifications of your Cat equipment, genuine Cat Filters are a crucial factor in your machine’s ability to use air efficiently. A clean filter element protects internal mechanisms from being damaged by dirt. Consistently choosing Cat Air Filters is the best choice to ensure long life and optimum performance of your Cat machinery.

ELEMENT :4P-2222

Natural Gas Engine Filter's unique design is built to withstand the demands of harsh working environments. Cat® Natural Gas Filters offer superior quality and protection that minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes engine life.


Cat Secondary Engine Air Filters are your last line of defense against dust, dirt and other contaminants that may damage the components of your income-producing machinery. Tasked with protecting the engine while the primary filter is being changed or in the event of a breach in the main filter, this secondary unit plays a critical role in preventing damage due to contaminants. Constructed of durable materials and manufactured to meet Caterpillar’s stringent specifications, these air filters deliver the consistent quality and reliability that Cat owners count on. Because uptime and cost-effective maintenance are critical, Cat Air Filters have been specifically designed to protect and optimize the power of your Cat iron. Working together, genuine Cat Primary and Secondary Filter Elements provide a cost-effective method for maintaining your engine’s integrity and increasing your equipment’s uptime on the jobsite.


Description: Flywheels store and release rotational energy


Flywheel Description: Flywheels store and release rotational energy